Manimals! Hilarity Ensues

I was on the always great and they had probably one of the funniest glitches in a game I had ever seen posted.  This was found Rockstar’s new hit video game, “Red Dead Redemption.”  The game seems pretty awesome on its own and I personally can’t wait to play it.  These videos give me two more reasons to want to.

Glitch #1 The Man-Cougar:

Glitch #2 Donkey-Lady:

So, video game glitch or ingenious easter egg?


One response to “Manimals! Hilarity Ensues

  1. I was laughing just as hard at the guys playing this game. It’s funny listening to “grown” men freak out at cougar-men chasing them. This is definitely a game I’d love to watch being played. The graphics look amazing and very seamless (except for the floating dog gunslinger).

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