Wishful Thinking?

I’m actually torn on this idea because I don’t think I want any more Star Wars movies. If studios or Lucas insist on making more though, I’m all for Nolan doing it. This picture is pretty thought provoking.

Thanks to Cracked for the image.


4 responses to “Wishful Thinking?

  1. I think Nolan is a good director. He’s not on any top list of mine (I know he’s your favorite), but he’s good. However, I hate these fans who think he is this godly director who can fix any previously bad franchise movies. I guess it’s like the phrase, put enough monkeys in a room with a typewriter and they’ll produce Shakespeare. I’m not calling Nolan below average or even lucky; I just don’t think he’s that much of a genius that everyone makes him out to be. Yes, he has talent. But maybe that talent is only stretched towards a certain genre of movies (and there is nothing wrong with that). Would that talent work its magic on something like the Star Wars franchise? I highly doubt it. I know this is fake, but I think people are starting to put him on too high of a pedestal.

  2. I agree with the part about he not being perhaps the right guy for Star Wars. I think he would be a little too dark for the franchise. In some cases his talent is exaggerated, but overall, he is one of the best directors in Hollywood working today. He relies very heavily on good storytelling (which shows his talent as a writer) but his style in a lot of ways is fantastic. One good example is Batman Begins. In BB, he uses flashbacks to retell an already familiar story. By doing this, he keeps the story fresh and compelling. He gets the sub-plot across while still moving the plot forward. Also, absolutely everything in the movie he uses. There is not a single point or prop in the story that is wasted. You can watch a Nolan film and get something new out of it every time. I think you may need to watch more Nolan films (may I suggest the ever so brilliant Follower?) and watch them closely to fully appreciate what he does. I am by no means saying that your argument is wrong. Just explaining my point of view a little bit. However, I agree wholeheartedly that most “fanboys” think he can fix everything. He isn’t the god of the film industry. He can’t do everything. I’m still excited that he is a part of the Superman franchise though. I think he can do amazing things with that, just like he did for Batman. That’s a discussion for another time though.

  3. You mean “Following?” And he does use film techniques to his advantage, but things like the flashback are nothing new to film. I will give him credit that he uses cliche things like that sparingly. Something I just thought of that he did in “The Dark Knight:” when Alfred (Cane) is explaining the story about when he was in the jungle searching for the diamond thief, Nolan could have easily thrown in a flashback sequence. It’s exciting to hear, especially the part about having to burn the entire jungle down. Michael Bay must’ve been jumping up and down like a child, just wanting to film that explosion! But Nolan keeps the camera on Cane. And maybe it’s all in part to Cane’s acting ability, to make us see the scene while we are only looking at his face. But that’s something I can applaud Nolan for. He’s certainly someone like Tim Burton, doing his own thing in the midst of Hollywood studios hovering over his shoulder. But he isn’t necessarily doing anything THAT original.

  4. Yes, I meant Following. And originality was never part of my argument. I was just talking about the skill he has using different techniques. He is also a master at casting. Thought I’d throw that in there.

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