Finally. FINALLY!!! After a long time of hoping and praying and the like, one of my favorite shows of all time is coming back on the air. Of course, I speak of Futurama. Will it live up to the original four seasons? We are about to find out next week. I can barely wait.

Here is Comedy Central’s preview clip. It brought a tear to my eye. Oh, and I love Zapp Brannigan. Best character ever created.

Here is the video. WordPress isn’t cooperating.


2 responses to “FUTURAMA!!!

  1. I’m excited! I’m glad to see everyone else hated the Futurama “movies”. They kind of reminded me of the cheesy Tom & Jerry movies made in the eighties that no one ever wanted to see. If this promises to be funny like the first four seasons that’s the news I wanted to hear. Maybe being on Comedy Central will add some freshness to it and a new angle without the “cheese”. FYI – not boring! 🙂

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