Movies to Watch for this Year pt. 1

I am a huge fan of movies.  I have been diving head first, along with my wife Caty (she writes the blog, Filmcritter), into films the past few years, whether they be a big budget blockbuster (The Dark Knight Rises) or a small, independent art film (ugh, Weekend).  We just genuinely enjoy films, and this year looks to be pretty good, at least on the surface.  Here is a list, in no particular order, of films I am looking forward to this year.  The reason that it is only part one is that more films tend to surface later in the year that weren’t getting a whole lot of coverage right about now.  Here we go:


1. Star Trek Into Darkness (May 17th)

J.J. Abrams struck gold with old Star Trek fans and the casual movie-goer alike with his first film.  I have always been a casual fan of the franchise (Patrick Stewart can do no wrong) and that movie was everything I wanted in a Star Trek film and more.  The sequel promises a darker feel and one of my new favorite actors, Benedict Cumberbatch, as a terrifying new villain.  I am simply chomping at the bit for this film.


2. Monsters University (June 21st)

Have you seen the brilliant television ads for this film?  They are wonderful plays on the typical college advertisement seen on tv.  I love it!  I am a fan of Pixar for the most part, all except for the forgettable Cars movies.  I loved the first film of the series and this seems to be an interesting take on the franchise.


3. Man of Steel (June 14th)

What can I say about Superman?  He is everything that everyone should strive to be.  He is my favorite comic book character ever and has yet to get a proper movie depicting him as he truly should be.  I am a cautious fan of Zack Snyder.  I enjoyed his 300, Watchmen, and Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hool, though he can make some bad stuff.  However, seeing how WB is giving him all the time he needs to perfect this film under the watchful eye of Christopher Nolan, I can see this film having the potential of being the greatest comic book film of all time and just being an all around great film, changing the way we see comic book movies forever.  As I said before though, I’m biased.


One response to “Movies to Watch for this Year pt. 1

  1. I’m am certain I will be seeing all of these with you, probably at midnight showings. I’d agree that “Man of Steel” and “Star Trek Into Darkness” will be the year’s biggest blockbusters, which is interesting that they are both being released fairly early in the year (I know, June isn’t really early, but “The Dark Knight Rises” was released in mid-July).

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