Green Lantern (2011)

Green Lantern stars Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Peter Skarsgaard, and Mark Strong. Directed by Martin Campbell.

Over the past couple of years, I have been an avid fan of the Geoff Johns run of Green Lantern. When I heard about Warner Bros. making a movie based on the same comics, I was overjoyed and excited. It was a ride of ups and downs leading up to the movie, from worries about CGI to casting to the bad reviews, but finally, I was able to see it for myself.

I will not give away the plot in case anyone wanted to see it, nor will I tell you anything about the origin story. There is a great comic called Green Lantern: Secret Origins. Pick it up. I will however, go over the good and the bad of this film, starting with the bad.

As you have probably read in most reviews, the pacing seems to be a bit off. When you want the story to focus more on a particular set of scenes, like Hal Jordan on Oa training, it seems to rush them while a scene that shouldn’t matter much to the story tends to drag on for a while. In addition, scenes that don’t really go together all that well are edited together as parallel stories, making the movie feel awkward and clunky. It really messes with the overall flow while making the scenes play out seperately really would have helped it out.

Blake Lively and Tim Robbins are complete statues when it comes to acting. It is really hard to care about what happens to them. At one point, Lively, as Carol Ferris, has a needle up to her neck that will eventually kill her if she so much as gets pricked by it. The only reason you care if that happens or not is because of how she looks in the dress she is wearing. I know that makes me sound shallow but the ladies in the audience get to see Ryan Reynolds almost naked for the whole thing so I really don’t want to hear it.

And now for the good. The rest of the cast does a great job. Ryan Reynolds is a very convincing Hal Jordan. Mark Strong is an intimidating Sinestro, so much so that you wish he was in every scene. Peter Skarsgaard all does a great job at being a very creepy Hector Hammond.

The CGI is about what you think it would be. At some times it is very impressive, like when you first lay eyes on Tomar Re, Killowog, Sinestro, and the planet of Oa. Other times, it is awful. While Parallax looks impressive for the most part, at times he looks rather corny and pathetic. My girlfriend said that at times, Parallax looked like a head with some rather nasty looking dreadlocks.

Overall, Green Lantern was worth the money I paid to see it. It did not blow me away but it did keep me entertained for the duration of the film. I would not, however, recommend it to the average movie goer. Instead, I recommend it to the sci-fi and comic book fans such as myself.

I give Green Lantern a 3 out of 5.


One response to “Green Lantern (2011)

  1. I think the DC animated movies are better than the live action messes they seem to be producing (Nolan’s movies aside, of course). I think this current “Green Lantern” could take a few lessons from the animated film “Green Lantern: First Flight,” or any of the “Batman” animated films.

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